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Our Beloved Breakfast Cereal Staple–Kellogg's Get's A New Look

by Jessica Deseo on 02/01/2020 | 3 Minute Read


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Kellogg’s have been a breakfast staple for more than 100 years. However, mixed messaging and confused packaging meant they were losing their iconic status.

We took on Kellogg’s biggest re-design in a century, covering their entire European portfolio. Our mission was clear we needed to re-establish their position as a true, authentic category leader. This in turn meant returning Kellogg’s to its iconic status, as the provider of natural grain goodness.


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To leverage the Masterbrand and our natural grain goodness story, we embraced three driving principles;

Kellogg’s are a true original: the creators of cereal in a bowl. Yet, as competitors embraced consumers’ shift to healthier eating habits, they found they were lacking relevance- and falling to stand out on shelves.

Be Clear

Be Honest

Deliver Enjoyable Taste

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The Core Assets

We stripped assets back to include only iconic components. We also revamped the Kellogg’s colour scheme, using a wider, brighter palette.

The Wordmark

The Mascot. We heroed Kellogg’s mascots, increasing their visibility, to reconnect consumers with the brand’s personality.

Circle of goodness

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We communicated our strategy through Kellogg’s packaging, enhancing their core assets to reclaim their core assets to reclaim their iconic status.

Our strategy focused on returning to Kellogg’s origins: as the provider of natural grain goodness. With this goal in mind, we gave them a clear message: ‘the natural choice for breakfast’, In turn, our packaging would reposition them as iconic, wholesome and tasty.

Our BrandAsset Valuator showed that Kellogg’s were seen as increasingly outdated, in a market driven by taste, quality, originality and natural products. We needed to drive consumer reappraisal and retrial.

The Iconography

As a whole, these changes represent Kellogg’s as a bold, iconic and nature-focussed category leader.

Expanded and cropped, our wordmark con_dently asserts Kellogg’s iconic status, as well as a new, playful and modern attitude.


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Our clean, cutting-edge pack design speaks to changing consumer trends. Research results showed that nearly 70% of consumers were able to _nd the pack on shelf more easily and the new design increased purchase intent by almost 50%.

The bold ‘bowl of goodness’ nods to the heritage of the brand- the _rst to invent cereal in a bowl- while simplifying navigation and storytelling.

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Editorial photograph

Packs are uni_ed by a central asset, consistent in size and position across brands. Food photography is authentic, using natural light and no arti_cial shooting methods.

Paul Humphries, Vice President Marketing of Kellogg’s Europe, had this to say “Kellogg’s is one of the world’s most recognisable brands and our cereal boxes are a staple of most people’s breakfast tables. By marrying the best in design with the best cereals, we’re con_dent our new packs will be a real showstopper on the supermarket shelves.”

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Editorial photograph

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